Secrets of Club Penguin: Back of the Town

The island of Club Penguin holds many secrets that can be easily missed. There's so much more than the obvious larger features and the details in much of what you see on Club Penguin are as fascinating as the rooms and features themselves. These minor items and details each tell a story from Club Penguin's past revealing the secret awaiting inside. Secrets from Club Penguin may also include things that can be found from many Club Penguin graphics. Below is a 'Secrets of Club Penguin' article regarding the rarely noted back of the town.

We're all well acquainted with the town, a favorite and popular hang out spot, but have you ever given thought as to what lies behind the flashy lights of the dance club, quaint brick layered coffee shop, and fancy fashions of the clothes shop? My curiosity has gotten the best of me and I've found some interesting connections and involvement of this section of the town with the in-game experience of Club Penguin. There's actually more than meets the eye with this unknown region of Club Penguin so, let's get started, shall we?

Here's a picture of the back of the town. Notice the storage building behind the coffee shop located right next to the 'Java' delivery truck. As far as I'm aware, no parties or events have taken place or anything for that matter have included that building. How cool would it be if Club Penguin incorporated this building with a party for a limited time or Elite Penguin Force mission. Perhaps Herbert could hold a heist with the delivery truck and we'd have to stop him. The possibilities are limitless. Not to mention, the coffee shop has a loading dock on the side of the building.

We get another glimpse of the back of the town in several of the PSA missions. PSA missions are puzzle-like games that secret agents had to figure out and in return received medals, gifts, and hands on experience helping their fellow penguins. Once located in the VR room, PSA missions were moved to the 'Fun Stuff' section of Club Penguin's website in December 2012. I've gone down a rabbit trail so, I'll continue with the subject at hand. In 'Case of the Missing Coins' we got access the roof of the gift shop which you can see in the previous picture. There's a few odds and ends and in the mission we encountered another of Herbert's evil plans; however, it proved ill for Herbert as we stopped him like usual. Nonetheless, the back of the town is the perfect vantage point for yet another strike from Herbert. The question is: when will he strike next?

As of late we've seen little activity and interest on Club Penguin's part in the back of the town. I think a renewed interest by both our part and Club Penguin's part could open a world of opportunity for not just the back of the town, but the back of other rooms. How cool would it be if we could explore the back rooms? Club Penguin could decorate those along with the monthly parties and possibly hold a mini-event for the opening of the back of rooms.  I always find these links to Club Penguin's past and secrets in graphics fascinating and as you stroll pass the town next time, don't forget what secrets they hold and lay behind the ambiance of the town.

As always, leave me a comment below if you know of any other Club Penguin secrets on the island. It might just be featured in the next 'Secrets of Club Penguin' post!


Club Penguin Exclusive: Go Kart Races at Turbo Race 3000

Thanks to a good friend of mine, Riyita, I've come across an exclusive sneak peek of the forthcoming Turbo Race 3000. With the release of this month's edition of the Club Penguin magazine, there was included a picture of a penguin in a go-kart with a brief summary regarding the event. As mentioned in an earlier post, the Turbo Race 3000 is another mini-party like the graduation bash back in June. The Turbo Race 3000 is set to begin on the 31st of July and come to a conclusion on the 6th of August. Without further ado, Club Penguin Cheats has provided you with an exclusive picture giving you a glimpse of the Turbo Race 3000.

Here is the Club Penguin Turbo Race 3000 sneak peek. Have a look for yourself:

If you didn't catch the transcript in the picture, it is as follows:
Go Kart Races! Start your engines! Burn rubber at the stadium from 32 July to 6 August. 
Cool! It looks like we'll be driving go-karts at the Turbo Race 3000! I've often had the chance to drive go-karts and loved every minute of it. With the continual sneak peeks of this event, I'm getting all the more excited for it! Therefore, what are your thoughts concerning this sneak peek and the Turbo Race 3000? Let us know in a comment.


Club Penguin Music Jam 2014 - Final Day of Free Items

The final items for the Music Jam 2014 have been released. All players can now collect the MP3000 Bling Edition and members can now collect the Urban Diva Outfit.
Pretty cool items! What are your thoughts on these items? Let us know in the comments section below. We'd love to hear from you!


Club Penguin Music Jam 2014 - Zendaya Performs!

It's day 9 of the Club Penguin 2014 Music Jam and that means Zendaya is performing on the music cruise as of earlier today. Now we're able to hear Zendaya's song and obtain her background, although, she won't be waddling around the island and we're not able to add her as a friend. Open up the Music Jam schedule, on the upper right of your screen, and select 'Go There' to hear Zendaya's performance. Like the other artists, click her in order to obtain her background.

Once you've clicked Zendaya's sprite, you'll be greeted by the following blue screen. You have the option to choose 'Yes' and obtain her autographed background or 'No' to exit the blue screen.

Here's how Zendaya's Giveaway looks on my player card:

Well, that's all about day nine of this year's Music Jam. Tomorrow you can unlock a new item, wrapping up the performances and daily freebies. Loving the performances by these talented musicians and artist, especially 'Replay' by Zendaya. Whose performance have you most enjoyed at the Club Penguin 2014 Music Jam? More importantly, what artist of the four is your personal favorite? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.


Club Penguin August 2014 Sneak Peeks: Frozen Takeover & Turbo Race 3000

Every so often, Club Penguin releases sneak peeks in the Club Penguin Times that reveal forthcoming Club Penguin events and parties. In fact, the following sneak peeks have furthered the evidence for a Frozen Takeover and announced the pending mini-party: the Turbo Race 3000. Moreover, there's an exclusive picture with a sneak peek of the stadium during the duration of the Turbo Race 3000. We have some exciting sneak peeks to cover and share with you here at, so what are we waiting for? Lets dive right into our Club Penguin Sneak Peeks: Frozen Takeover & Turbo Race 3000 article.

In the previous weeks, we've noticed quite a few hints pointing to a Frozen Takeover and it wasn't until the Olaf puffle made an unexpected appearance in the music video 'Best Day Ever' we were convinced this party will be happening. In the 'Upcoming Events' section of this week's newspaper, there's yet another sneak peek for the Frozen Takeover. With August's edition of the Penguin Style catalog the theme will be 'Pretty cold for the summer...'. This is exactly what Frozen's all about, you can read more in our in-depth article of the Frozen Takeover here. Have a look for yourself:

On a second note, a mini-party will likewise be happening in August. This time, it's the Turbo Race 3000 and if it's like mini-parties we've attended in the past - this isn't something you want to miss! Made reality by Gary the Gadget Guy (As mentioned in his EPF message), we get to test drive go-karts at the stadium. Get ready to race starting on the 31st of July. Pretty cool, huh?

Here's a sneak peek picture of the Turbo Race 3000, we presume it's the stadium.

There you have it! That concludes our Club Penguin sneak peeks article for this week. There's some really cool events coming in August. Therefore, of the sneak peeks mentioned, which are you looking forward to the most? Make sure to let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

There's always sneak peeks being released on a daily basis so, stay tuned on the blog and check back daily for Club Penguin sneak peeks.