Not woolgathering, Not Away with the Fairies

Thinking what makes me here to post it after such a very long time, am I not right? Well, my apologies for your inconvenience. The reason I'm busy and should be, is that, I give priority to my studies and exams- which will take place from 23rd of November and is scheduled to end on the 8th day of the month of December. Hence, I'm thriving to bring A+ in all the subjects, in order to content myself and please my mommy. Now, as my dad lives in Chicago and unlike my mom, he is always pleased with my capabilities, so, it's easy to make him proud.

Also, I had to attend a tour in Washington DC, which was arranged by my school and it was kinda tough excursion- where we passed MCQ tests, after noticing and viewing the national monuments of Washington. We returned home yesterday, and I thought it would be better to convey my message and apologies for inactivity, through this post. So, I hope, you understand me. And, I guess, I've summoned my wits after woolgathering; in the real sense of blogging.

Thank you (I'm sorry once again!)

Club Penguin: Manipulation required to enrapture a Party

When considering Club Penguin as a stage, and evaluating Herbert P. Bear's evil actions/ plans which are significant to the plot, some may think, that, what an amazing show it will be- as it delivers a typical scene seen at Club Penguin, Herbert is defeated by the penguins.. Then Herbert again comes and again goes loose handed. This is what a predictable play or say, a party! We do nothing, just throw some snowballs at that bear, make him frightened and forced to get out of the island.

Why not, bring a twist to the game? Why doesn't Herbert pick any of the following options from the following?
  • Never returning back to the island.
  • Joining in an alliance with Club Penguin towards a new era of friendship, love and mutual trust.
  • Simply defeating Club Penguin with his perilous plans.
Trust me or not, some people may consider me mad.. But, the fact is, that, I'm really fed up with this "Authentic" plays in a party. Say, the forthcoming Pirate Party. We'll surely win.... But, in order to make more excitement, I personally think, that, Club Penguin should either erase Herbert from nowhere or simply just brings the following distort to these heroic deeds of a penguin.

Let me know, what do you think about my idea. If you really like it or want it to be taken in consideration by the Club Penguin Team, be sure to let them know by dropping a mail. Anyways, as usual, let me know your thoughts through a comment below. I love it to hear from you!

Stay Liotic!

Club Penguin App upgraded to V. 1.5.3

Along with all the Thursday updates, the Club Penguin app was not behind the curtains. It got upgraded to Version 1.5.3. The main theme of this app is, that, the island is renovated to its normal form as the Halloween Party decorations are wiped off. Another thing that I noticed was its icon, which in the previous version was styled in a Spooky genre to fit the Halloween party. Anyways, be sure to download the app through this link, if you don't have it.
Club Penguin

Do let me know your sentiments on this update, which I think is fantastic!

Until then,
Get liotic!

Club Penguin New EPF Message From Gary

There's a brand new EPF message awaiting Elite Penguin Force agents on their spy phones. This one's from Gary of which he informs us he's cleaning his lab at the Director's request. In particular, he warns us to be on watch for his missing sock. Nothing peculiar. Lets have a look at this week's Club Penguin New EPF Message From Gary below, shall we?

If for whatever reason you cannot read the above message, here is a full transcript of the message:
At the Director's request, I'm cleaning up the lab. Keep an eye out for my missing sock!
It looks like the Elite Penguin Force is in a time of peace for the time being. Perhaps Herbert will be returning from hiding in the forthcoming months and either try to warm up the island or conquer it. We'll have to wait and see. Meanwhile, what do you think Herbert's up to? Will he be returning soon? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below, we'd love to hear what you have to say.


Penguin Style Catalog: November 2014

 A new catalog of the monthly edition of Penguin Style was released today. It features pirate costumes, through which penguins can create their unique Out At the seas grooves. Why waiting? Go to the Clothes Shop, open the Clothing Catalog and buy all the items. If you want to obtain the secret items, click on the marks I've spotted. How simple is that?

I actually wish all the costumes in this variant. What about you? Let me know in the comments below.

Until then,
Get liotic!