Club Penguin Festival of Snow 2015 Preparations

As many of you know, the Festival of Snow 2015 event will be starting next week on July 1st. To prepare for this event, piles of snow which will soon be transformed into snow sculptures have been placed in almost every outdoor room on the island. You can check out the rooms with these piles of snow below.
Ski Hill
Ski Village
Snow Forts
Mine Shack
Ice Berg
I'm really looking forward to the Festival of Snow. Though Club Penguin had a Snow Sculpture Showcase in 2009, the last event that went by the 'Festival of Snow' name was eight years ago in 2007. So this is the first Festival of Snow for many people, including me.

Are you looking forward to the Festival of Snow event? What are your thoughts on these preparations? Let us know in a comment in the comments section below. We'd love to hear from you!


Club Penguin Sunglasses Pin Cheat

It's been two weeks since Club Penguin hid the Beach Day pin, so a brand new pin for all players to find and collect has been released. This new pin is called the 'Sunglasses' pin. To find and collect this pin, follow the steps below:

Step #1: Log into Club Penguin and pick a server.

Step #2: Once you've done step #1, open up your map and go to the Plaza. The pin is located on the puffle above the Puffle Hotel's doors:
Step #3: Click on the pin. A big blue box should pop up asking you if you would like to pick this pin up. Click 'Yes'.
Once you've clicked 'Yes', congratulations! You now have the latest Club Penguin pin. The next pin will be hidden on July 9. I love where they hid this pin. Pretty funny. :P

Do you like this new pin? Are you going to use it on your player card? Let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you!


Club Penguin Times Issue #505

This week's issue of the Club Penguin Times has been released. This new issue brings us to a total of 505 newspaper issues. Like always, this issue was written by Aunt Arctic, the newspaper's chief editor and Club Penguin's famous reporter. Each Club Penguin Times features two main articles, news flash, upcoming events, and much more. In the first main article, titled 'Underground Mysteries', Aunt Arctic talks about mysteries found underground, such as the Boiler Room's secret entrance from the Dance Club and the big machine in the Gold Mine that's covered with a sheet:
Click the box that reads 'READ MORE' to read the rest of this article:
The second main article, titled 'The Wheel of Potent Cheese', is another message from Captain Rockhopper about his recent whereabouts:
This issue's News Flash states that the snow sculptures placed throughout the island will be finished next week:
Here are the Upcoming Events:

  • July 1 - Brand New Penguin Style Catalog at the Clothes Shop
  • July 1 - Brand New Furniture & Igloo Catalog
  • July 1 - Festival of Snow Party Begins
  • July 9 - Brand New Hidden Pin
If you flip to the back of this newspaper, you'll waddle into not only the jokes and secret section, but also a bonus story titled 'Operation: Hot Sauce'. In this article, Aunt Arctic uncovers the 2013 Operation: Hot Sauce EPF mission:
That's it for this week's issue of the Club Penguin Times. What are your thoughts and opinions? What part of this issue is your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comments section down below. We'd love to hear what you've got to say!


Club Penguin Royal Week Launched on Mobile App

After being delayed for a week, Club Penguin has finally launched 'Royal Week' on the Club Penguin mobile app. Besides the freebies, there's nothing out of the ordinary concerning Royal Week. Non-members can collect the king's crown and princess hat whereas members can collect the princess dress and the kings outfit. Getting these freebies are easy. Just log onto the mobile app, visit any room, and collect your free items by clicking on the button with the blue penguin. Let's have a look at the freebies available on the mobile app for Royal week below, shall we?

That's all about Club Penguin's Royal week on the mobile app. Don't forget that Megg is hosting a Royalty meet-up this Friday so, stay tuned.


Club Penguin Short: Agents in the Coffee Shop

It's been awhile since Club Penguin has released a Club Penguin short and Club Penguin has done just that by uploading 'Agents in the Coffee Shop' onto their official YouTube channel as of earlier this week. Let's have a look at the Club Penguin Short: Agents in the Coffee Shop below, shall we?

Cool beans! Perhaps Club Penguin should occasionally do more shorts like this.