Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014 Day 2 Cheats

Today is the second day of the Puffle Party 2014 and that means new free items have been released! For the following week Club Penguin will be releasing puffle related free items at puffle booths throughout the snow-covered island. Each puffle booth has two free items to obtain, one for members and the other for everyone and the booths always be in a particular room depending on its color. Below I've provided you with a written walkthrough for Day 2 of the Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014 on how to find these freebies.

Just like yesterday, open up the Puffle Progress Tracker by clicking the puffle booth icon on the top right corner of your screen. Once the following has appeared, select 'Go There!' to immediately be teleported to the town center.

You'll find the blue puffle booth on the center right of the town center. Now waddle over to it to collect today's items.

This time, the items up for grabs are the member Blue Border Collie Hoodie and Blue Border Collie Ears available for everyone. Click 'Collect' to redeem these cool items for your penguin's inventory.

That's all about Day 2 of the Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014! The Puffle Party, although it just began, is a spectacular party that I anticipate for the months ahead of its return. Now it's time to hear from you - What is your favorite room at this year's puffle party? The Club Penguin Cheats team and I be asking a different questions concerning the Puffle Party 2014 with each passing day and we'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. Thanks for reading and don't forget to come back everyday for a written walkthrough on how to get the latest freebies.

Club Penguin New Puffle Party 2014 Emotes

The long-anticipated Puffle Party 2014 has finally kicked off as of yesterday and with all parties come special party emotes exclusive to the event! This time, they're puffle themed seeing as the Puffle Party is here. The new emotes include an O'Berry, dog bone, and ball of yarn. Take a look at the new emotes below:

Awesome! Personally, I always love using the party emotes when they're available on Club Penguin. Make sure to leave your thoughts regarding these super-spiffy emotes in a comment below.

Club Penguin Puffle Handler Tracker April 2014

Club Penguin's mascot the Puffle Handler will be visiting the island for the 2014 Puffle Party. Now that the Puffle Handler has arrived on the Club Penguin island, it is our job here at to provide you with a 100% accurate Puffle Handler tracker while she is online for April 2014. Below is our Club Penguin April 2014 Puffle Handler Tracker. No need to refresh, the tracker does so automatically.

About the Puffle Handler:

The Puffle Handler is a famous Club Penguin mascot who teaches penguins how to feed, care and play with your puffle. She is more commonly known as PH or Paige, her real name. The Puffle Handler is a brown penguin with brown hair, a outback styled hat, and vest. She is always accompanied by puffles. PH is a puffle lover and expert. She was orginally a pink penguin refereed to as 'Agent PH' an EPF character from the Elite Penguin Force DS game. Not to mention, the Puffle Handler discovered Rainbow puffles back in March 2013. The Puffle Handler has attended several Club Penguin parties, most often the annual puffle party, and is one of the newest mascots. PH was officially a mascot on Club Penguin ever since 2012 and has visited the island multiple times since then.

How to find the Puffle Handler:

  • The Puffle Handler is a brown penguin with brown hair, a outback styled hat, and vest.
  • The Puffle Handler can be found at the pet shop, puffle park, forest, plaza, town, dock, and special party rooms. 
  • The Puffle Handler takes breaks once and a while and goes off for 10-15 minutes.
  • The Puffle Handler logs into servers with 3-5 green bars during the mid-day hours. The Puffle Handler might also be on full servers.
  • During least crowded hours check Spanish, French, and Portuguese servers.
  • Some of her favorite servers are Zipline, Bubblegum, Alpine, and Abominable. 
  • Make sure to check crowded and or full rooms for the Puffle Handler.
  • When you find her, click on the box icon to obtain her autographed background.
  • You can also become PH's buddy by clicking on the penguin icon located on the lower left of her playercard.

Puffle Handler Finding Tips:

  1. Our Puffle Handler tracker is one hundred percent accurate and is constantly being updated. Refresh the tracker every few seconds for the best results.
  2. The Puffle Handler can be on multiple club penguin servers at one time.
  3. If you see a group of penguins wearing puffle themed outfits and saying 'PH!!!', chances are you have found her.
  4. Check the party rooms first, on any server, Club Penguin mascots love these rooms.
  5. Follow me on twitter as I will give out the Puffle Handler's location when he she been found.
  6. Most of all, have fun tracking PH this month and best of luck to all of you!
Happy Tracking!

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014 Cheats

The 2014 edition of the Club Penguin Puffle Party is finally here! It's time to party like a crazy puffle! This popular Club Penguin party has it all, but anything from previous puffle party parties and there's plenty of new stuff to check out. The entire island has been decorated with everything puffle, not to mention, the water slides, playgrounds, and much more! This time, Club Penguin has included more thrilling features such as transforming into puffles, an interactive water park at the cove, puffle tricks, and the Puffle Gala opening April 24th. Like all Club Penguin parties, this party has free items and party tasks we can complete. Club Penguin has introduced cat and dog puffles which Rockhopper brought back with him from the high seas. There's so much more so, for that reason, we've provided you with our official text guide for this long-anticipated party. Lets dive right in to the Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014 Cheats!

It all starts when you first log on, you'll be greeted by a pop-up message from the Puffle Handler who gives you a Puffle Progress Tracker. Placed on the top right corner of your screen, the Puffle Progress Tracker will be your means to transform into a puffle, collect daily free items at puffle booths, and quick access to the pet shop to adopt a dog or cat puffle. Click the arrow to continue.
You can see the new cat and dog puffle and learn about puffle tricks at the Pet Shop. Ace!
G'day! Welcome to the Puffle Party! This here's your Puffle Progress tracker. Check it for prizes each day! 

It may seem confusing just where to begin at this years puffle party, but I'm a free item type of guy so, lets kick off the party with that! If you click the puffle booth icon on the upper right, you'll see the following.

Your first stop should be the the stadium. Go to the stadium using your map or select 'Go There!'. Immediately you will be teleported to the location of the first puffle booth. Here, you can pick up two free items, the squeaky ball and puffle trainer outfit. Waddle over to the booth shown by my penguin below and click 'Collect' to add them to your inventory.

With Easter within a week, Club Penguin has released yet another free item themed to the occasion for us to obtain at the Puffle Party! The lavender bunny ears are up for grabs at the beach. A rare item indeed, this item is similar to the yellow, green, blue, and pink bunny ears Club Penguin has released in previous years. If you haven't already noticed the lavender bunny ears are in a free item box, something I haven't seen in what seems like ages on Club Penguin!

One of the coolest features at the Puffle Party 2014 is transforming into one of our furry pals. Want to become a puffle? No worries, it's easy! Everyone, that means non-members and members, can transform into a puffle. Open up your Puffle Progress Tracker and select 'Transform!' on the lower left of the screen to transform.

The following screen will appear. To transform just choose one of your puffles and click 'Transform!'. You can always transform into another one of your puffles anytime you wish. I'm going with Louis, my gold puffle.

Congratulations, you've successfully become a Club Penguin puffle! If you wish, you can change back into a penguin again. To do this just open up your player card and click the transform button again. This is an amazing feature that is by far my favorite part. I really like the new puffle player card designs!

The real action begins over at the pet shop, where you can adopt Club Penguin cat and dog puffles for the first time. Once you have arrived you'll notice the Puffle Handler who's waiting for you. Getting started is easy, simply waddle over to her and start a conversation. 

Upon doing so, you'll be greeted with the following pop-up message much like that you saw when you first logged in. The Puffle Handler introduces us to puffle tricks, giving us access to it from the toolbar with the Puffle Trick icon. 
You and your puffle can now do tricks! Congrats! They're a great way to bond with your puffles!

Puffle tricks are a great way to bond with your puffles and makes puffle digging much easier and quicker! There's now 7 tricks you can do with your puffle. Stay tuned for a separate post regarding puffle tricks, it'll give you all there is to know about this cool feature. Anyways, I'm sure you're eager to adopt a dog and cat puffle. Sadly, cat and dog puffles can be adopted by paid members only. If you're already in the pet shop, simply waddle over to the 'Adopt a Puffle' spot or click on green puffle icon. Choose the puffle of your choice, select 'Adopt', and for 1600 coins (800 coins per puffle) you'll have a cat and dog puffle waiting in your igloo!

Here's the Blue Border Collie. The dog puffle is loyal, mischievous, and loves chasing cat puffles.

Next up is the Orange Tabby Cat. The cat puffle is curious, demanding, and loves to hide in tiny spaces.

That concludes our Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014 Cheats. In review, I'd have to say this is the best Puffle Party as of yet and I love how we can adopt the brand new cat and dog puffles! Besides the free items, there's a lot more to see and do at the party. One of the coolest features for everyone to enjoy at the puffle party are the rooms! I suggest checking them out while you're on, the majority have been redesigned just for this years party. The Puffle Handler is attending the Puffle Party 2014 and she's giving out autographed backgrounds to the lucky penguins who meet her! To help you find her, we've made a Puffle Handler tracker that you can check here her location on Club Penguin . Come back everyday for a walkthrough to get the latest freebies.

What are your thoughts and opinions on the Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014? Have you adopted or want to adopt a cat puffle, dog puffle, or both? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comments section below, we'd love to hear what you have to say.

Club Penguin Times Issue #443

Club Penguin has released a brand new issue of the Club Penguin Times! Each Club Penguin Times issue is written by Aunt Arctic, the chief editor of the newspaper. A new issue gets released every Thursday. This week's newspaper is issue #443. The main article in this issue talks about the new Puffle Tricks feature.
Click on "Dig in!" to read more of this article.
This next story is written by Rockhopper. He thanks us for the help with the dog and cat puffles. He also talks about Paige (Puffle Handler) and being back at sea:
This issue's News Flash tells us that the Puffle Handler will be visiting the island during the Puffle Party to help penguins learn tricks:
Here are the upcoming events:

  • May 1 - Funny Hat Week begins at the Dock
  • May 1 - New Pin
  • May 8 - New Penguin Style Catalog
  • May 8 - Space Adventures Planet Y returns to the Stage
The Funny Hat Week special event sounds pretty cool. If you flip to the back side, you'll find this issue's "Ask P.H." section continued. You'll also find the jokes and secrets sections. Unfortunately, there is no new comic this week.

What are your thoughts on this week's issue of the Club Penguin Times? What upcoming event are you looking forward to the most? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comments section below.