Club Penguin Puffle Party and Rainbow Puffle Sneak Peeks

Recently, on the club penguin what's new blog, Polo Field published an article regarding the 2013 puffle party that is set to begin on March 21st on the club penguin island. Below has provided you with the sneak peeks included in the article:

The first sneak peek shows this year's puffle. Every year or so club penguin releases a new puffle for penguins to adopt. This year is no exception and as many of us already know the next club penguin puffle will be the rainbow puffle! Check it out:
That's not all though. The club penguin team is also working on a puffle hotel which will be in the plaza. It will launch along with the club penguin puffle party. The second sneak peek is of a rough sketch of the puffle hotel. Here it is:
According to club penguin, more sneak peeks are on there way. Is it just me or have there been a lot of sneak peeks during the past months? It is still a couple of weeks away from the puffle party and we already know everything about it. That spoils the fun, at least in my opinion. I'm open for discussion and would enjoy hearing what your have to say about if club penguin is giving away too many sneak peeks. Leave a comment below in the comments section and let me know your thoughts and opinions. 


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