Club Penguin 2013 Puffle Party Log Off Screen

Club penguin has recently added a new log off screen to advertise the puffle party that's coming up in the near future. On this login screen, it said the following:

Puffle hotel grand opening! Puffle Party Mar. 21 - Apr. 2. 

If you wait a few seconds, you will notice a rainbow puffle will appear on the clouds above the puffle hotel. Have a look for yourself:
Without a doubt, a new puffle will be arriving this year and this login screen gives even more proof it is going to be the rainbow puffle. If you look at the login screen you can see that a cannon is shooting a penguin towards the clouds. From here we'll probably have to do a task and then we can get a rainbow puffle! Unfortunately, the dates of the puffle party go right into the time of the past April Fool's party. I am unsure if club penguin will still have this party. Only time will tell. What are your thoughts on the new log off screen. Leave a comment below and let us know.


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