Club Penguin Operation Blackout Cheats 2012

Attention all Epf agents! Operation blackout has been released on the club penguin island. Herbert has taken over club penguin and has blocked out he sun with his solar laser. There are lots of cheats along with operation blackout and free items that you can obtain on your penguin account. Here are the complete cheats to operation blackout:

First, when you log on to club penguin an Epf briefing will appear. You can also access the folder by clicking on the folder icon on the upper right. It reads:
 1. Nov 8- Gary Kidnapped
 2. Nov 15- Epf Command Destroyed
 3. Nov. 15- Herbert activated solar laser
Your orders are to infiltrate Herbert's base and shut it down! Click "1" to begin operation blackout.
Click "equip" to obtain the klutzy and Herbert costumes for your penguin. Non-members can pick up the klutzy disguise whereas members can get the Herbert and klutzy disguises. Next, click "go there" to start your mission.
Now go through the door on the left to the vents. Be sure to have the Herbert or klutzy disguise on your penguin to access the door.
Once you go through the door, follow the arrows into the next room. 
You'll now be in a new room,  go up to the terminal computer in the center of the room. Click "ok" to play the mission.
To complete the game move the security blocks (You can do this by clicking and dragging them to different places). Now drag the key into the pass-key lock on the right.
Congratulations! You have now completed the game and obtained the Herbert Security Clearance 1 pin. For the complete cheats in chapter 2 of operation blackout click here.
Club penguin has added a new catalog and some brand new rooms for operation blackout as well. You can access the catalog in the underground Epf base and it has several items that you can purchase. Check it out:
 The dock and lighthouse have been converted into hospitals. Take a look down below:

This concludes the guide to operation blackout. In the upcoming weeks you can complete new chapters and defeat Herbert. Check back soon as we'll be posting the complete cheats for the rest of the operation blackout chapters. Herbert is also visiting the island for the first time ever. Do you the Epf can stop Herbert this time? What do you think of operation blackout? Leave a comment down below with your thoughts and let us know.


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